Business Overview

In 2016, ArchiMed supported the management team of HIS led by Maxime Angelucci, former COO of Naturex, to organize the transmission from founder.

HIS is a French leader in natural health ingredients. The company services clients from the nutraceutical, pharma, cosmetic industries with over 500 natural – often organic- herbal products sourced from more than 60 countries around the globe in remote biotopes and guarantees the highest ESR (Environmental & Social Responsibility) standards and traceability. Following this deal, HIS founder will step back over the coming months but retain an interest in the business while the management team significantly invest alongside ArchiMed.

HIS management team combines a unique expertise of global and local regulations linked to natural health ingredients as well as the botanical know-how and passion required to source quality raw materials all over the globe. Maxime Angelucci will use his experience of the selfcare industry to bring to the market innovative health ingredients from HIS’ portfolio of rare natural products in order to treat naturally frequent health conditions.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered near Lyon (France), HIS development mirrored the professionalization of the nutraceutical industry. HIS anticipated the increasing need for more natural products and more stringent quality requirements by developing a unique range of organic natural ingredients, and invested significantly in tools and expertise to meet the growing regulations regarding global trade of natural products as well as ethical standard.

Today, HIS is one of the only independent player with a capacity to design, certify and operate streams of natural products with total traceability and quality: “from the field to the pill”.


1999 → HIS founded in Lyon
2000 → Organic certification (Ecocert)
2006 → Set up of the 6,000m² warehouse facility
2008 → GMP certification
2014 → Acquisition of Phytoprocess plant processing facility
2015 → ISO 9001-2008 certification