EUROLyser is a Salzburg (Austria)-based diagnostics company.  EUROLyser designs and engineers Point-of-Care Testing devices and kits, sold primarily in Germany and Europe and, in increasing numbers, in the U.S. and Japan. Point-of-Care testing is done at the time of consultation, leading to the immediate availability of results and more timely, informed decisions concerning patient care and treatment. EUROLyser products are based on a patented cartridge technology that can be adapted to a wide range of tests historically performed in the laboratory. The firm’s Point-of-Care technology uses the same high quality, gold standard reagents that large laboratories employ, ensuring the same level of excellence for patients and their care givers. The technology also allows for the capture of blood with no sample handling steps involved. EUROLyser’s Point-of-Care platform serves three end-markets with a broad portfolio of more than 40 tests: Human medicine, Veterinary medicine and Food & Feed.