Denis Ribon


Denis has over 20 years of experience in the Healthcare sector. Denis started his career as a veterinarian and subsequently worked for AT Kearney as a consultant. In 2001, Denis joined Private Equity leader 3i as head of the Healthcare team, managing the company’s  investments and portfolio assets across Europe, North America and Asia.

Denis has actively contributed to the development and strategic growth of companies in various Healthcare sectors. He has served as a Board Member for over 15 public and private healthcare companies, including Quintiles, Labco, iPP, Vétoquinol, Neftys Pharma, Carso, Bioprofile and Cair.

Denis is a member of the Healthcare taskforce of the Institut Montaigne, a pioneering independent French think tank.

Denis is a Founding Partner of ArchiMed. He is also a Director of the Eureka Foundation, ArchiMed's charitable foundation.

Denis graduated from Vet Agro Sup, the French Veterinary University of Lyon and holds an MBA from HEC Paris. Denis speaks fluent English.

His philosophy

Contribute to global health improvement thanks to strategic and capital support to innovative Healthcare players



ArchiMed acquired the majority of Micromed, a franco-italian manufacturer of high-end electrometrical devices in the field of neurology diagnostics.