Clean Biologics (ex Clean Cells)

Clean Biologics (ex Clean Cells) is a biopharmaceutical services company specialized in the viral and biological safety of biopharmaceuticals including recombinant proteins, therapeutic antibodies, vaccines, cell and gene therapies and phage therapy.

Headquartered near Nantes (France), Clean Biologics was created in 2000 following an innovation award from the Institut de France - Aventis Foundation to the team of researchers and founding partners.

The company started as a platform of biological tests to provide biosafety testing services in the context of biopharmaceutical production. In 2014, it opened a biologics production site to become a GMP-compliant pharmaceutical establishment. Clean Biologics ambitions in addition to develop the phage therapy sector and offer CDMO services for process development and GMP production of clinical supplies of viral vaccines, oncolytic viruses and viral vectors.

Clean Biologics provides today services to the biopharmaceutical industry including (i) testing for quality control and biological safety of biopharmaceuticals, (ii) production of GMP-grade mammalian cell banks and virus seed stocks, (iii) provision of secure storage for such produce, and (iv) production of drug products for phage therapy.