About the Foundation


Recent improvements in the treatments of chronic diseases such as cancer have provided patients with a quality of life unheard of a few years ago. These advancements bring with them new societal challenges, particularly in how the patients, including the most fragile, will return to work.

To meet this challenge, Eurêka has partnered with the Paoli-Calmettes Institute (IPC), a cancer research and treatment center located in Marseille. In 2013, IPC has started an initiative to assist patients in returning to work.

This initiative is driven by a multidisciplinary working committee consisting of oncologists, social workers, occupational physicians and psycho-oncologists. The committee has given birth to a centralized resource space where health and occupational health professionals can coordinate and collaborate together, resulting today in more than 300 patients reintegrating the working world.


The ambition of the Eureka Foundation is to promote the expertise developed from the IPC initiative on a national scale, allowing chronic disease patients throughout France to return to work.