Since ArchiMed replaced the family owners, our company was completely transformed, for the best. ArchiMed brings much more long term vision, capital availability and international perspectives. This allowed Micromed to quickly broaden its product range and to internationalize, both organically and through acquisitions, in Europe and the US. This focus on growth through innovation and internationalization created a great momentum at team level.

CEO Micromed SAS

With ArchiMed, we get the combined benefits of an industrial player and a Private Equity player, without the disadvantages of each category. Indeed, we keep the company independent, we share the value creation and Management remains in control. But also, given ArchiMed’s sector focus and team quality, we receive great support in terms of strategic marketing, new business opportunities and acquisition opportunities, thus enabling us to make our company more robust and accelerate our future growth.

Hans van der Meer
CEO Soest Medical Group SMG

I have worked with a number of private equity funds over my career and am well placed to benchmark ArchiMed. Whilst a relatively new fund the ArchiMed team are clearly experienced and well connected in the Healthcare sector and such specialist knowledge will be a benefit to me and the business going forward. In structuring the deal they have been pragmatic in considering management legacy and rolled positions, balancing this with a need to incentivise any new management subsequently brought in as well as the obvious investor requirements. Operationally, they have taken a keen interest in strategy and market approach seeking to balance both organic and acquisitive initiatives but ensuring that the executive management team retain ownership of direction and delivery.

Derrick Farrel
CEO RehabWorks

Archimed ‎is helping us grow in terms of professionalisation. Archimed in not just a financial partner, it's an industrial partner. In the health market it's so important to focus not only on the numbers like EBITDA, but also focus on the quality of the service and of the treatment that we have to deliver to people. ‎So we are partners not only for economic reasons but also in the soul. We’ve found in ArchiMed a partner for whom regular and transparent conversations are fundamental to building a strong company.

Mirko Puccio
CEO Primo